Shipping Policy

Shipping methods available:
DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, Registered Airmail, US Dedicated, USPS(Shipping from US warehouse for US customers, check what we have in US warehouse)

Delivery time:
DHL/UPS/TNT shipping takes 3-7 days for delivery.
Registered Airmail shipping takes 4-30 business days for delivery depending on the countries you’re from. For example, usually it takes about 8 – 12 business days for delivery to US customers, 4-7 days for delivery to UK customers, and 8-15 business days for delivery to other European customers.
US Dedicated ships items from China for US customers, taking about 8-12 days for delivery.
USPS ships items from US warehouse for US customers, taking about 2-5 business days for delivery
US customers should kindly note that if you order items in our US warehouse and China warehouse at the same time, the items will be shipped in separate packages.
USPS /& US Dedicated means your order will be shipped via USPS or US Dedicated only or USPS and US Dedicated together. When all the items you purchased are in our US warehouse, your order will be shipped by USPS only, same rule for US dedicated. If your order contains items in both China warehouse and US warehouse, they will be shipped in separate packages by US dedicated and USPS.

Free Shipping:
We offer free shipping for orders over $69 to United States and European countries. If the orders are higher than $150, they’ll be shipped by DHL for free, otherwise they’ll be shipped by registered airmail. We reserve the right to explain and choose the most suitable shipping method for your orders.

Custom tax & risk
Customers are responsible for import tax and risk. Please do enough research on your local custom/import policy before ordering.

Under declaring value:
Email us or leave comment while placing order if you need us to under declaring the value, note that you’re responsible for custom risk in this case.

Restrictions on shipping 18650 batteries
Batteries can only be shipped via DHL. Please choose DHL shipping if you order batteries. Besides, the percentage of the batteries should be lower than 20% of the whole order, not including SMOK, VandyVape & Wismec products. For example, if you order 1pc battery, you need to have at least 4pcs of atomizers/mods, or 4 packs of coils or wire in your order.

Following is a table for you to better understand the guideline:

The number of batteries The total number of atomizers(pc), mods(pc), coils(pack) & wire(roll)
1 4
2 8
3 12
4 16
5 20
6 24
7 28
8 32
9 36
10 40


Restrictions on shipping eliquid
Eliquid can only be shipped via DHL. Please choose DHL shipping method when you have eliquid in your order.